1990 black Germany Adidas track pants

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Ok, we know Germany's  Adidas football shirt from Italia '90 is probably the best football shirt in the history of retro football shirts. De gustibus, we give that to any of you. But please, these Germany Adidas track pants from that year are both simple and remarkable. A true classic. Just like the shirt.

Size 3XL


Waist circumference: 108 cm
Total length: 111 cm


Adidas logo embroidered
German flag cloth pieces stitched
Waist chord

Wear and tear
1 broken waist zipper
Visible signs of wear throughout
Needs restitching between legs, although wearable in current status

Retro items normally show minor signs of wear or colour fading. Visible flaws or marks will be mentioned in the item’s description. 

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