About us

In today’s world, fast fashion is too often the option at hand. At retroiscooler.com we have decided to choose the less-beaten track, the not-so-used path. We do that because, for us, the trip matters more than the finish line – just like in that story about the race between the hare and the tortoise. And boy, do we love a good story.

In fact, our love for tales is exactly why we chose to start an online shop. We did it because we believe that every item in our store has a great story to tell. Our clothes have been places and have done things that some people might think are not even possible. It’s true, for most it’s taken them ages to arrive on our online platform. But – hey – that’s how it goes when you get off the beaten track and wander into the unknown. 

Things happen like that when time becomes your journey, not your deadline. It’s the beauty of counting the moments that leave you breathless instead of the ones you breathe in and breathe out. Our clothes are storytellers, head-turners, showstoppers. They are pieces that stand the test of time and stay with you as a reminder of who you really are and what life is mostly about. And that is why we believe that retro is cooler.

Quality over quantity
That is the retroiscooler.com brand promise and we'll stick to it. We put a lot of care and attention into the way we curate retro pieces and only items that are truly special make it onto our website.

Fair prices. Top condition.
Win-win is what we hope comes out of our interaction. You win by getting a great-looking vintage item at a reasonable price, we win by putting a smile on your face and by creating a cool community of retro clothing lovers. 

Why buy retro?
At retroiscooler.com we are deeply passionate about our planet and are committed to contributing to its wellbeing. When you shop with us, not only do you get a cool piece of history, you also help build a better future. 

Reuse – Recycle – Retroiscooler
We are based in Bucharest, but we are citizens of the world and want to help keep it amazing for our kids. That is why we donate a percentage of the profit we make from every retro item we sell to an organisation that helps our planet stay clean and healthy.