1996-97 Real Madrid Kelme player issue shorts

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Worn by legends like Raul, Suker, Prosinecki, or Hierro when managed by Cappello, these 1996-97 Real Madrid Kelme player issue shorts are rare as they get. Plus, it will appeal to both raged soccer connaisseurs and to the normal folk who can appreciate the simplicity of a well-made item. Win-win is what we say. What do you think?

Size XL


Top to bottom: 42 cm
Waist: 50 cm



Kelme logo, Real Madrid name and LPF logo are printed within the material

Wear and tear
Visible bobbling and pulls front and back (see photos)
Small unstitching between the legs (see photos)

Retro items normally show minor signs of wear or colour fading. Visible flaws or marks will be mentioned in the item’s description.

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