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Hi there. You may have heard others talking about vintage clothing and that got you interested in the topic. Or you are already a proud owner of a couple of vintage pieces and would like to know more about the benefits of shopping pre-loved items of clothing. In case you already are a vintage clothing enthusiast, then please drop us a line to let us know if you agree with our list or if you think we missed something important. We’ll be more than happy to add it. Regardless of what category you fit in, we thank you for being here...

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Have your ever asked yourself why the concept of dream is so frequently used when people talk about sports? We have heard and read so many times about a dream season, a dream opportunity, a dream result, and of course a dream team. This happens because this is what sport – to a very great extent – does for all of us. It offers everyone the chance to imagine how they would want things to look like, happen and be, thus bringing them one step closer to that reality. With the Olympic Games happening this summer, let’s have a closer...

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Providence knows no boundaries. Those were the words of Gianni Agnelli, former owner and President of Juventus Torino and Chairman of FIAT or Ferrari, as well as all-in-all one of Italy's icons in the 20th century. A man who showed that boundaries are out there just to be surpassed and reset closer and closer to the edge of impossible, only to be yet once more outrun. And not only in what regards providence, but also in matters like sport, communication, business, art, forward thinking and – well – fashion.

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