Vintage Feats by retroiscooler  Episode 2

Vintage Feats by retroiscooler Episode 2


Vintage Feats by retroiscooler episode 2

feat – an extraordinary act or achievement, usually displaying boldness and skill.

Time flies. It feels like a month or so, but it’s actually only been a week since we started this series. Our capsules take you – and us alongside – through the many incredible stories of the vintage clothes we have for sale on our website. We thank you for reading the first episode and we welcome you to the second one that is just as full of fascinating tales. Let’s begin our journey.

  1. 1980s 1970s Green The North Face Jacket Made in USA

Life is full of surprises and the more you read, the more you learn. These two truisms apply to us at retroiscooler, too – so you know. When we put this gorgeous parka online, everything screamed early 80s, making it a very rare find.

However, little did we know that by digging a bit deeper into our research for this post, we would discover this article that had OUR jacket in the hero image. And further down in that same article came the caption underneath a more detailed photo of the jacket that placed it in the early 1970s. So only a few years after 1968 when Douglas and Sara Tompkins launched The North Face brand in San Francisco.

Quite an exceptional find, don’t you say?!

  1. 1994-95 Yellow Liverpool Adidas Shirt

Here’s another beautiful piece. It may be 20 or so years younger than the TNF jacket – but don’t let that fool you. This is almost thirty years old, even if it does not show its true age. The 1994–95 season was the 103rd one in Liverpool's existence. Helped by established players like Ian Rush and John Barnes with upcoming stars such as Steve McManaman, Jamie Redknapp, or Robbie Fowler, Liverpool won their fifth League Cup that season, finishing 4th in the Premier League.

Full of stories this good-looking yellow shirt, don’t you think? And we didn’t even mention the chest sponsor.

  1. 2000s Blue Junya Watanabe x Comme des Garcons Jeans Made in Japan

Japanese denim is all the rage these days, and no wonder it’s like that. Nobody does it better than these guys, and this pair of jeans is all the proof you need.

Born in 1961 in Tokyo, Junya Watanabe joined Comme des Garcons early on but his breakthrough as a denim visionary arrived much later. His work is so much out of the norm – yet now recognizable from afar – to the point where his creations stick with you like a beautiful memory you don’t want to let go.

His jeans brim of quality and exceptional details and – like most great things in life – they get better with age. Wearing your pair of Junya Watanabe x CdG jeans makes it unique and creates stories that others can read on you. These jeans don’t come cheap, though, and they are never made in large batches, so if you don’t already own a pair, this is your opportunity. One that you should not miss, if we may add.

  1. 2013 Black Adidas x Mastermind Japan Rivalry Hi

Staying on Japanese shores for this last vintage item in our episode. You’ll probably say hey, this is not vintage! – and you’d be right. It’s generally accepted in the industry that we can classify as vintage items of clothing, accessories, and footwear that have been made at least 20 years before the present day.

These black and white Adidas trainers may have to wait one more decade to enter that category, but boy do they have a strong retro vibe about them. The simple, yet sophisticated colourway and the off-white midsole add to that, for sure. Plus, having the German sports brand team up with esteemed creators of hype from Mastermind Japan adds to the rarity of this pair, making it highly coveted and very hard to come by. This is your chance of owning one for a very decent price, so don’t blow it. And if you don’t believe us – look here.




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