Vintage Feats by retroiscooler – Episode 5

Vintage Feats by retroiscooler – Episode 5

Vintage Feats by retroiscooler episode 5

feat – an extraordinary act or achievement, usually displaying boldness and skill.

Our Vintage Feats train of episodes stops one final time in 2021 before sliding into a new year. This is episode five and we’ve made it spectacular. Hope you like it, too. But enough talking, let’s start storytelling.

  1. 1986-97 white Bulls Mac Gregor Jordan #23 jersey made in USA

Everybody knows Michael Jordan, it's a fact. That’s why we have focused this episode on him and some of his iconic items throughout the years, making this session one of true Americana stories. First comes this astonishing basketball jersey that is 35 years old. Yes, you read that right.

Made in the USA, this white MacGregor Sand Knit Chicago Bulls top is from Jordan’s second year in the NBA. MJ had already won a gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles and the Rookie of the Season award in 1985 (his first NBA year). Unfortunately, he had also broken his ankle during that year, so when the 1986 season began, fans did not know what to expect.

They should have known better. Jordan led the league with an average of 37.1 points per game, his career high for a season, being selected on his first All-NBA First Team. More of those accolades would follow in the years to come. However, doing that after having suffered such a horrible injury is spectacular making this jersey even more special. And when you look at its condition, you get why we are so excited.

Almost forgot. Please don’t be fooled by the lack of the name Jordan on the back. MacGregor was the official producer of Chicago Bulls jerseys at the time and for these official non-player-issued ones they only began adding the names in the 1987-88 NBA season. So, everything’s good on all fronts. All the reasons in the world to make this one yours.

  1. 1991-92 gray Nike Air Jordan 7 varsity jacket Made in Japan

If you thought that the jersey was special, wait until you see this one.
In 1992, the Jordan brand was becoming a true powerhouse in the streetwear world thanks to MJ winning his second NBA title in a row with the Bulls and then leading the Dream Team to gold in Barcelona. And that brand takeoff reflected in the merchandise that Nike designed and created to celebrate these achievements.

Made in Japan, this varsity jacket bears all the signs of that age, from the quality of the materials used to make it to the small details such as the Nike-branded lining or the stamped buttons. For any streetwear collector out there, OG or new comer, this is a staple piece that generates buzz when taken out of the wardrobe and stops traffic when worn in the city. So, wear it with caution, but most of all  wear it with passion.

  1. Indigo Levi's Strauss Jeans

You’ll ask what does Michael Jordan have to do with Levi’s. And we’ll answer that apart from the two being two of most well-known American streetwear brands in the world, they are more interconnected than you may think. As a matter of fact, Jordan became known worldwide wearing Levi’s at the 1984 Olympic Games.

In Los Angeles, the denim brand was the official technical sponsor of Team USA. MJ won his first major award – Olympic gold – wearing Levi’s and 30 or so years later his brand would launch a collaboration with the San Francisco denim company. A true American partnership, if we may add.

MJ wearing J1 High reverse bred

4.  Jordan 1 High Reverse Bred 30 Years Limited Edition

We’ve decided to end this episode – and the whole 2021 when we think of it – on a high. A Jordan 1 High, that is. Launched by Nike in 1985 as MJ’s NBA shoe, this sneaker has jumped all barriers and bridged all gaps in the fashion world.

Redesigned by Saint Laurent or Amiri, and reimagined by Virgil Abloh or Kim Jones, the Air Jordan 1 High has been on everyone’s feet and minds and continues to create a stir every time the brand announces a new drop of an OG colourway or a collab with a new celebrity.

This pair here has come out in 2015 to celebrate 30 years since that first pair that was banned by NBA due to its then non-compliant colour scheme. We’re not sure if that is the root of all Jordan 1 High bred variations being the most coveted and desired by fans.

What we know is this pair here sports both black and red, and it’s a beauty to watch. And we’re pretty sure it’s also great to have in the collection. Because it’s gotta be the shoes, right? Oh, wait. That’s another story.     


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