5 reasons why vintage clothes are YOUnique

5 reasons why vintage clothes are YOUnique

Vintage Clothes Are YOUnique - retroiscooler

At retroiscooler, we like to combine words just as much as we love to pair vintage clothes. Both categories help create stories that fascinate, educate, and enable people from all over the world to express themselves. And if – according to Winston Churchill – “short words are best and old words when short are the best of all”, then we can also say that vintage clothes are the best of all clothing options out there. Here are five reasons to support our statement.

Vintage clothes are an avenue to self-expression

“The Times They Are a-Changin” is a song written by Bob Dylan and launched by the American Nobel Prize winner in 1964. Still, those words cannot be more actual today with young people (and not only, mind you) choosing the less beaten path of thrifting. Shopping pre-loved items helps them in their aspiration of becoming independent individuals that are unique in the face of their peers and society.

Vintage clothes are a vehicle for (re)discovery

Choosing vintage over fast fashion enables older generations to return to an individuality in some cases considered lost forever or at least misplaced along the way. Don’t get us wrong, this surge in vintage afficionados numbers has happened before.

Fashion, like everything else in this world of ours is cyclical. What we think is different right now is the fact that vintage clothes are here to stay. Such items are set to become an important and integral part of the life of more and more people who discover the many benefits of vintage clothing.

Vintage clothes are YOUnique - retroiscooler

Vintage clothes – how their regeneration helps people be who they want

In an article published on bbc.com, Bell Jacobs called this “new wave” in the fashion ocean Vintage 2.0 – and we couldn’t agree more. Vintage clothes remove all hurdles to being 100% original. Mix trainers from the 2000s with a 90s football shirt, a coat from the 80s and a pair of trackpants from the 70s and not only do you get away with it, but you instantly become the star of the show.

Clothes that have survived decades help you tell your stories without you having to actually say something. For many people out there, this is a big plus, taking a heavy load off their chest. Through clothes, they can project their personality onto the entire world, letting them speak.

Vintage clothes – a 100% new lease on life

Upcycling is the new one-on-one bespoke tailoring. For those of you who have not heard yet of the term, upcycling vintage clothes means using parts of garments that can no longer be worn as they are to make a new item. This opens up paths for creative people to express themselves and come up with clothing pieces that are truly unique. And nothing beats the thrill of walking down a street knowing there is absolutely no chance that you could run into someone wearing the exact same item.

Vintage Clothes Are YOUnique - retroiscooler

Vintage clothes help you become a new you

According to the 2021 Thredup Resale Report, in 2020, 223 million consumers said they bought or were open to shopping secondhand products. 33 million consumers acquired secondhand apparel for the first time in 2020. And this is only the beginning.

The same report states that “76% of those first-time buyers plan to increase their spend on second hand items in the next 5 years.” People are realizing that investing in vintage clothes equals to an investment in themselves, as older items bring a lot to the table and help show their true personality.

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